Majestic Ocean Bed and Breakfast

Our home was built in 2005 on two acres of waterfront property in Ucluelet Harbour. Surrounded by old growth cedar trees. 

Stories are told about Emily Carr visiting this place, rowing her boat across the harbour from the First Nations reserve and walking over to the nearby Amphitrite Lighthouse.  The beach infront of our house is a clam garden which is very interesting historically but also a fun thing to watch at low tide with the clams squirting water up through little holes in the sand like fountains.  Hours of entertainment, the children love it!

Our home was specially designed to be a bed and breakfast, it is actually more like a lodge because each room has a private entrance and ensuite bathroom.  Each room faces towards the water.


Majestic Ocean Bed & Breakfast is 100 % natural

*  Our in house water filtration system makes the tap water in the rooms clear of chemicals, excess minerals or organics, and delicous to drink straight from the tap. We use a HEPA filtration vaccum when cleaning to ensure clean air in our rooms.

* Our waterfront hot tub uses a UV light for purification, it is chlorine and bromine free so will not dry your skin.   The hot tub features 70 multi-strength jets, a foot massager, four different colour lights and a waterfall.

* We clean the rooms and wash the laundry with organic Shaklee products, these are scent-free natural products that are healthier for you.   In the rooms we provide Aveda Spa products, nuturing you with natural flower and plant extracts;  these are also available in Ucluelet at the Nurture Day Spa.

* Our home is energy efficent, with an infloor hot water heat system, with heated hardwood floors in the bedrooms and heated tile floors in the bathrooms.  This gives the rooms a warm glow and feels very good underfoot.

* Landscaping - the natural way - we chose not to have a paved driveways or walkways; we have creatively landscaped our property with rocks and logs bordering the gardens and walkways. We have plenty of free parking on site.  The design allows rain water to flow through our property, back to the ocean and natural foliage like ferns and salal complement our gardens.

*  Please do not bring your pets; we are an allergen free bed and breakfast. We do have dogs of our own but they are not allowed in the guest rooms.