Pacific Rim National Park

The draw that brings visitors to Ucluelet from all over the world.

The Pacific Rim National Park is a thin strip of land along the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island. Its magnificent islands, beaches, and dramatic seascapes divide into three geographically distinct park units: Long Beach (the most accessible), Broken Group Islands (about 100 small islands in Barkley Sound), and the challenging 72 kilometres of the West Coast Trail.

The park comprises a total area of 500 square kilometres stretching across the 125 kilometres from Tofino in the north to Port Renfrew in the south. To the east of the park is the Vancouver Island Mountain Range.  To the west, the Pacific Ocean.  The combination of almost equal areas of land and water has created a coastal landscape abundant with vegetation, providing refuge for a wide variety of land animals and marine wildlife where a complex and vivid human history unfolds.